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BGL adds the Company Tax Return to Simple Invest 360

By December 13, 2022BGL Update, Simple Invest 360

BGL is proud to announce the release of the electronic lodgment of the Company Tax Return in its investment portfolio software solution, Simple Invest 360.

“This is a fantastic achievement and another industry first for the Simple Invest 360 product team, and I am incredibly proud of them,” said Ron Lesh, BGL’s Managing Director. “With the ATO’s approval, BGL clients can now prepare and electronically lodge the 2022 Company Tax Return in Simple Invest 360, streamlining their compliance workflow.”

This latest release supports the 2022 Company Annual Tax Return and associated schedules. These are populated automatically by Simple Invest 360’s CGT engine. The release also includes automatically generated reports such as a Declaration of Dividends, a Dividends Paid Minute, a Directors’ Report and a Dividend Statement. Previously, clients would have had to manually create all the supporting documentation in MS Word or Excel.

Andrew Paszko, Simple Invest 360 Product Manager at BGL, said: “Simple Invest 360 is in a class of its own, offering investment reporting, CGT tracking, shareholder register, dividend payment, full set of financials, accounting workpapers and now electronic lodgment of the Company Tax Return all in one user-friendly software.”

Simple Invest 360 is an end-to-end investment portfolio management solution for companies, individuals and trusts. It keeps track of investments, distributes profit, provides a complete set of financial reports and prepares trust and company tax returns with electronic lodgment to the ATO. Simple Invest 360 integrates with BGL’s CAS 360 and Simple Fund 360 solutions. It also provides integrated accounting workpapers, digital signing, 350+ data feeds, registry integration and BGL SmartDocs – BGL’s industry-leading paper-to-data solution. 

Learn more about the Company Tax Return in Simple Invest 360

Want to see Simple Invest 360 in action? Click here to watch a demo.

For more information, please visit www.bglcorp.com/simple-invest-360


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