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Simple Fund 360 and Simple Invest 360 Product Update – April 2023

We are excited to announce another spectacular Simple Fund 360 and Simple Invest 360 update!

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Learn what’s new at our New Features Webinar on Tuesday 30 May 2023, at 11:00 AESTRegister Now!

Important SuperStream Reminder: From 30 June 2023, BGL will only support the BGLSF360 Electronic Service Address (ESA) through MessageXchange (MXC) for SuperStream contributions and rollovers. From this date, you will no longer receive data through the Australia Post AUSPOSTSMSF ESA. Please click here for more information.

What's New?

Consolidated Reporting: Last month, BGL introduced a new Consolidated Reporting screen to simplify viewing investment, tax, and financial data across multiple entities. Based on user feedback, the investment data displayed on the screen will be aggregated into one line when it is the same investment. Additionally, the cover page has been changed to landscape orientation to maintain consistency. Learn More

Smart Matching: The ability to search files uploaded via BGL’s AI-powered document reader, BGL SmartDocs, has been improved. This enhancement eliminates some limitations caused by a customised chart of accounts. This will enable more files to be matched and displayed on the Smart Matching screen. Learn More

Contact Note Service: Entities can now be managed with a new and improved user interface for BGL’s Contract Note Service. The Contact Note Service is part of your Share Data Pack subscription. This service automatically uploads buy and sell notes from all major Australian Brokers. Learn More

Registry Data Service: BGL has added Advanced Share Registry to the Registry Data Service providers, which also includes Computershare, Link Market Services and Boardroom. The Registry Data Service is part of your Share Data Pack subscription. This service automatically confirms quarterly holding balances for listed securities with the registries. Learn More

Depreciation: Some significant improvements have been made to the Depreciation functions and reports. These include:

  • A Write-Off button to dispose of an asset once depreciation is posted and the Closing Written down value equals zero.

  • A column in the Depreciation Schedule for ‘Capital Works’ deductions.

  • A warning message when a pension fund does not have a pension policy for the year.

Corporate Actions: 1 new merger has been added to the Corporate Action screen. Learn More

User Roles: A new permission setting called “View Fund Details” has been added to User Roles. This setting allows users to view the details of a fund but not make any changes. Learn More

Lodging Party Screen: The Lodging Party screen has a new intuitive user interface making it quick and easy to enter Tax Agent details, link entities and authorise BGL with the ATO. Learn More

Exclusive to Simple Fund 360

BGL's SMSF administration software solution

NEW LodgeiT Integration: BGL’s integration with tax software, LodgeiT, provides a simple and seamless way of exporting all sections of the SMSF Annual Return and associated schedules from Simple Fund 360 to LodgeiT for lodgement. Learn More

SuperStream: A Trustee Change ESA Notification Letter can now be prepared in Simple Fund 360 to notify SMSF Trustees when the fund has changed ESA. Learn More

Plus, many more new features and improvements. Remember to check out the full release notes on the Simple Fund 360 Online Help and join the conversation in the BGL Community. Links to previous update release notes are below:

Check out our Resources Hub!
We provide Simple Fund 360 and Simple Invest 360 users with a myriad of resources and services, which can be found in the Resources Hub. The Resources Hub provides practical stuff to help you in your Simple Fund 360 and Simple Invest 360 journey. Visit Resources Hub >>>


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