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101 days in! A short reflection…

A short reflection on my first 101 days as CEO at BGL that I would like to share with you

Here goes…

1. People matter and always will – people make things happen. A good percentage of your time must be allocated to investing in your people.

2. Grow and appoint from within don’t fly them in – I am a huge advocate of this. Apart from providing opportunity, those who step up are the ones who have embraced the business, the culture and the people.

3. Enlarge the shadow – set the stage. The more you grow and build the people, the larger the shadow becomes but you need to be comfortable with the fact that you become lesser and others become more. This is very liberating but requires courage.

4. Focus on the business you are in – keep building amazing products – Why people transact with us, keep investing in who we are to ensure they stay. Don’t be distracted by voices. Invest in your strengths and make points of differentiation difficult to replicate that they remain the source of competitive advantage.

5. Get curious – ask questions and genuinely show interest in what your people do. Take the time to listen and learn. Be visible and within reach of your people. Engage and encourage dialogue.

6. Stay humble and vulnerable – never forget where you came from. Reflect on your steps and draw wisdom from such to carve a better way for the people. Don’t be afraid to say I don’t know and apologise genuinely when you make a mistake.

7. Values do not change. Behaviour doesn’t either – make no excuse for protecting and preserving your culture. Tough decisions are at times needed. Remember, the standard you accept becomes the standard tolerated.

8. Develop – Trust – Belief – release people to holistically be their best. When they are struggling, embrace them. Show mercy, grace, understanding and genuine care. Get them back on their feet and into the game.

9. Gratitude – live it out as often as you can. Be deliberate about it. Send the message. Make the call. Demonstrate your appreciation. Set aside time to be grateful and express gratefulness.

10. Solo doesn’t cut it – develop a strong inner circle of strong and courageous people who are best qualified to do the job, whose best interest is that of the team. People that will challenge and inspire you to be better. Accountability in such circles is 2 way.

11. Tell the story – connect people to the core of who you are and the path travelled. There is so much power in connecting people to the journey and setting them on the path to where you are going.

12. Legacy – the foundation you build on. Not one you discard. A pillar of strength that has weathered all seasons and stood the test of time. Its roots are deeply entrenched in Who you are as a business, what you stand for as a people and where you are going as a team.

I hope this reflection is helpful to you. Be amazing!

Pretty excited by what is ahead for the BGL Corporate Solutions team!

Daniel Tramontana

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