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Tips to stay positive and connected + upcoming online events!

By April 6, 2020April 8th, 2020BGL Update, Homepage, Industry, Wellness

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has become a difficult challenge for many Australian businesses.
Adaption, flexibility, collaboration and innovation are now key factors to keep businesses running smoothly.

But, what to do in times of uncertainty?

1. Support your team, clients and community

Look at the big picture! We know this can be hard, you’re busy, you’re running meetings, communicating, pushing work through the pipeline, potentially working in a different environment, after hours and overwhelmed… but rest assured, this won’t last forever and you’re not alone! Be strong and positive – We’re here to support you, we VALUE you! Many Australians now need your service as they go through uncertainty and misunderstanding of stimulus packages and so forth – but you’re the power that can help them.

Stay strong 💪💪💪 Empower your colleagues, inspire your clients to see it through, practice optimism, stay up to date AND engage!

2. Stay up to date, be positive, engage!

Working from home can be a big transition. You might feel any combination of lonely, isolated, stressed, frustrated, anxious, unmotivated, or — on the other hand — relieved, relaxed, energised, or productive. It’s all OK and normal. Take it easy on yourself and make sure you innovate, stay up to date, positive, connected, planned, engaged and aligned with your company culture!

Here are some of BGL’s initiatives to help you keep motivated and connected with other professionals on the same boat:

Weekly events:

  • Virtual Water Cooler, from 01.00PM every Wednesday – Connect with other professionals to stress down! Register here >>>
  • Training with Tramma, from 08:00AM every Thursday – Workout with our one and only DTramma! More information to come soon!
  • YOGA with BGL, from 08:00AM every Friday – After a busy week, end your week positively – exercising mind and body! Register here>>>

You can also attend one of our upcoming FREE webinars to learn more about different topics:

  • 21/04, 11:00: Streamlining corporate compliance, get up and running, with CAS 360 by Warren Renden & Pablo Rodriguez. Register >>>
  • 23/04, 11:00: COVID-19, SMSF impacts and Simple Fund 360 improvements by Matt Crofts, Pablo Rodriguez & Joanne Ng. Register >>>
  • 28/04, 11:00: Positive Leadership by Daniel Tramontana and Ron Lesh. Register >>>
  • 29/04, 11:00: Automating SMSF administration, get up and running with Simple Fund 360 by Matt Crofts & Pablo Rodriguez. Register >>>

Plus, we’re running a campaign – TAKE 10 A DAY, which we highly encourage you to implement as a daily routine!

3. Keep being AWESOME!


We hope to see you around!

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