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BGL launches SmartDocs, a new AI-powered document reader!

BGL Corporate Solutions, Australia’s leading supplier of SMSF administration and ASIC corporate compliance solutions, is proud to announce the release of BGL SmartDocs, a new AI-powered document reader.

SmartDocs is an AI-powered document reader that extracts data from images and PDFs (including scanned documents and photos) and converts the data into digital information. BGL SmartDocs helps fill data feed gaps, driving zero-touch processing and adding new efficiencies by linking source documents to BGL’s Accounting Workpapers.

“We have been running BGL SmartDocs in BETA for over 6 months” said BGL’s Managing Director, Ron Lesh. “Turning paper into data has been a long term problem for accountants and advisors – BGL SmartDocs solves this problem.”

“Users simply snap a photo or upload an image/PDF of a document and BGL SmartDocs AI-powered algorithms detect and extract the data. BGL SmartDocs then imports the data into the Simple Fund 360 or Simple Invest 360 smart transaction matching to be automatically coded” added Lesh. “Bank statements, rental statements, tax statements and many other document types can be handled.”

“BGL SmartDocs uses the Textract service from Amazon Web Services (AWS)” noted Lesh. “AWS has been a great partner in getting this service to a point where we can go live to all clients”.

BGL SmartDocs is free for BGL Clients with Simple Fund 360 and / or Simple Invest 360 subscriptions.

Check out our video below!


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