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Apps on the BGL Block with Jeevan Tokhi!

Here at BGL, we believe that one size doesn’t fit all! That’s why we love our ecosystem partners which allow our clients to find the right match for their needs! As our list of integration partners keeps growing, it’s hard to keep up! So, we thought we would make this more convenient for you!

In this edition, we explore some new apps & existing apps on the BGL block!

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Topdocs is one of Australia’s leading provider of quality legal documentation, expert advice and technical support. Topdocs has a long-standing relationship with BGL, and have created a number of integrations that make it quick and easy to set up your SMSF and Company documentation.

When you order a new SMSF establishment or Company registration through Topdocs, at the conclusion of your order you have the option to have the new SMSF or company automatically created in your BGL products. When you order your SMSF documentation with Topdocs you have the option to pre-populate your online order forms with the fund information you already have in Simple Fund 360 as well as update your SMSF deeds, without completing a single order form!

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UpFlow is one of our newer integrations and provides an easy email to CAS 360 document ingestion solution. 

UpFlow’s solution receives emails from yourself or your clients that contain documents that need to be uploaded to CAS 360 such as signed ASIC forms. UpFlow’s technology extracts the trace number from the document, searches for which document that trace number belongs and then automatically uploads the signed document into CAS 360 for you as well as updating the status.

Visit UpFlow Website

Sage Accountant Cloud

Sage Accountant Cloud provides practices with a client-centric platform to engage with clients, manage jobs, track time and optimise practice resources and to maximise current and future opportunities. 

BGL has developed a two-way integration that synchronises all contacts in CAS 360 and/or Simple Fund 360 with all clients in Sage Accountant Cloud. When a change is made to a contact, these details will be updated for all products and will automatically trigger the required ASIC forms to be produced in CAS 360 where required! 

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Xeppo is a world-first tool for financial advisors, business advisors and accountants. Xeppo connects with many cloud and on-premise financial services, relationship and analytics tools such as BGL, Xero and Xplan and brings them together into a single view of a client. This information can then be used in a range of ways – to add value to clients, identify business development opportunities for the firm or manage relationships through CRMs. 

The Integration with Simple Fund 360 will pull through a list of all of your funds, trustees, members, and Investments. The Integration with CAS 360 will pull through a list of companies, trusts, contacts and addresses. 

Visit Xeppo Website

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