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Simple Fund 360 and Simple Invest 360 Product Update – 1 February 2024

What's New?

Documents and Workflow
Leverage BGL’s new generative AI technology and integrated Workflow module to automate job creation directly from the Documents screen! This feature works for any document with the AI suggesting the appropriate tasks. Learn More

BGL SmartDocs Email
When an email is received by BGL SmartDocs, its AI technology will evaluate if the email content can be used as accounting documentation, triggering accounting tasks, administration or other workplace-specific activities. If the content meets the criteria, the email is automatically converted to PDF and stored in the Document screen of the specific fund or entity. These PDF emails can also be attached in the Workpapers screen. Learn More

Audit Management screen
Track SMSF audits from start to finish with the new Audit Management screen. Update the audit status and store all documents manually or automatically allowing users to integrate with audit partners and other platforms. Once an audit is complete, easily update the annual return from the same screen. Learn More
This feature is exclusively available in Simple Fund 360. 

Save time reconciling 85000 Tax Payable accounts with the new income tax reconciliation table. This feature will automatically populate the current year’s tax payable/refundable and instalment amounts, requiring only manual entry for adjustments to calculate the closing balance. Learn More
This feature is exclusively available in Simple Fund 360.

External document URLs (e.g., Sharepoint, OneDrive, FYI Docs, Dropbox, or Google Drive links) can now be attached in the Working Paper Detail section and Supporting Documents. Users can now also adjust the document order for Working Paper Details and Supporting Documents. Learn More

To view the list of transactions for each account for a Workpaper, the current year transactions can now be viewed within the Workpapers screen. Clicking on a transaction will open the entry in the Transaction screen. Learn More

Pension Commutation Wizard
Transactions posted using the Pension Commutation Wizard now clearly indicate whether they are partial or full commutations. This feature is exclusively available in Simple Fund 360. Learn More

Corporate Actions
10 mergers have been added to Corporate Actions. A warning message will now also be displayed if there is a future disposal or CGT event. Learn More

The Operating Statement now has the option to combine property expenses. Learn More

Plus, many more new features and improvements.

Stay tuned for future releases!

Jeevan Tokhi
Head of Product – Simple Fund 360, Simple Invest 360 and BGL SmartDocs 360
E: [email protected] | P: 1300 654 401
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