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BGL Integrates with HeirWealth for Streamlined Wealth Transfer

BGL is proud to announce its integration with Sydney-based wealthtech HeirWealth, to automate valuation processing for efficient intergenerational wealth transfers.

“We are excited to add HeirWealth to the BGL Ecosystem,” said BGL’s Chief Executive Officer, Daniel Tramontana. “This integration will help clients effortlessly provide accurate valuations for assets and liabilities held within their SMSFs, companies and trusts managed in BGL’s Simple Fund 360 and Simple Invest 360 software to HeirWealth’s platform.” 

HeirWealth aims to help Australian SMSFs have better intergenerational conversations about money. The HeirWealth platform provides family investors and their professional advisers with a view of assets and liabilities across 40 different classes, including traditional investments such as shares and property and non-traditional assets such as collectibles.

Ray Tubman, Founder and CEO of HeirWealth, said, “The forthcoming intergenerational wealth transfer is going to present a lot of challenges. Whether you want to start having those conversations now or wait till later, centralising information in one secure location like HeirWealth is a great idea.” 

“The HeirWealth platform provides simple yet powerful wealth tracking that allows individuals, families and professional advisers to organise everything together in one place,” continued Tubman. “That includes traditional investments like term deposits, shares and property, as well as alternative investments like private equity and ‘assets of passion’ like fine wine, antiques and collectibles. You can even upload photos from your phone and leave annotations to capture your family’s story and legacy, so everything is recorded in one central vault and preserved for future generations.”

Jeevan Tokhi, General Manager of Product – Simple Fund 360, Simple Invest 360 and BGL SmartDocs at BGL, said, “This integration is facilitated by BGL’s free and open API which provides asset balance data from Simple Fund 360 and Simple Invest 360 into HeirWealth, refreshing the data nightly. This allows firms to streamline their client’s financial world by consolidating all their financial and lifestyle assets, along with essential documents, into one easy-to-use application.” 

BGL’s API is used extensively across the industry with 350+ data feed and integration partners in the BGL Ecosystem, delivering a holistic experience to BGL clients.

About HeirWealth

HeirWealth is a wealthtech company that aims to harmonise intergenerational wealth transfers by providing investors, family offices and trusted advisers with a holistic view of family wealth, enabling them to get better organised and minimise administrative inefficiencies.

With a commitment to innovation and supporting intergenerational wealth transfers, HeirWealth stands as a catalyst for positive change in the industry, ensuring that the valuable nature of time is revered in all aspects of our clients’ financial journeys.

HeirWealth is an Australian and UK regulator approved platform that currently integrates with 20,000 financial institutions globally, benefiting from open banking participation, growing direct integrations and world class security credentials including ISO 27001 certification. For more information, please visit heirwealth.com or email [email protected]


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