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Why I must call their bluff!

Why I must call their bluff!

Last week, I read an article on the release of the “so called” first integrated corporate compliance product into a practice management suite.

I couldn’t help but conclude, what rubbish!

BGL released the integration between CAS 360 and Xero Practice Manager (XPM) around 18 months ago.

The integration between XPM and BGL’s CAS 360 and Simple Fund 360 provides users with one contact list to manage. This means that a change to a contact in XPM will automatically trigger a notification in CAS 360 and Simple Fund 360. Within a couple of mouse clicks, all the ASIC forms and supporting documents are completed and delivered to the client.

Similarly, a change to a contact in either BGL product will automatically update the XPM contact list. We call this a True 2 Way Integration.

We have 200 plus firms now using this integration. It works!

I also like the commentary around “the making of a next generation corporate compliance product”. Making? It was purchased from a third party.

However, there may have been one first – the proud integration of a cloud-based corporate compliance product with a desktop based practice suite.

This sums it all up perfectly and says a lot about priorities!


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