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February 2020

CAS 360 New Features February 2020

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We are pumped to share with you two sensational new key features for CAS 360 New Zealand clients:

  • A brand-new Annual Return workflow
  • A company health check tool

Annual Return workflow

CAS 360 firms have been blown away with how easy it is to prepare and file Annual Returns with the NZ Companies Office. Now, we have added a new set of workflows to make the Annual Return process even better, by allowing you to visualise all your Annual Returns and see if they have been processed, filed or overdue.

Company health check

CAS 360 now automatically checks your company data with the Companies Office every day. This ensures your CAS 360 company data is always up-to-date and means if your client makes changes to their company, this is what you will see

To see CAS 360 in action, watch our pre-recorded product demonstration:

Watch CAS 360 Demo!

CAS360 and Simple Fund 360 February 2020 Product Update

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CAS360 and Simple Fund 360 February 2020 Product Update

In this episode I am joined by Matt Crofts (Head of Simple Fund 360) and Adriana Cavallo (Head of Partnerships) to discuss

  • The BGL MasterClass series in March (BGL MasterClass Info)
  • BGL’s ISO 27001 certification
  • Top 5 new features in CAS360 for February 2020
  • Top 5 new features in SimpleFund 360 February 2020

New Features Webinars

CAS360 – Feb 19th – Register Here

SF360 – Feb 11th – Register Here