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March 2021

CAS 360 Great News!

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CAS 360 Singapore Company Compliance Software Released to Beta!

For the March 2021 release of CAS 360 we have completed our beta development for CAS 360 in Singapore, and we are very excited to be putting CAS 360 in the hands of a number of beta firms in Singapore.

CAS 360 Singapore, is hosted in Singapore through our infrastructure partner Amazon Web Services (AWS)

CAS 360 Singapore has some amazing features, never before seen in Singapore. CAS 360 is approved for electronic filing of the Singapore company annual return with ACRA. This is done through the seamless filing project. This unlocks huge efficiency gains for CSPs as they can now complete the filing without leaving CAS 360.

We have also added full document support for Company Address, Company Officers and Company Shareholder changes in Singapore.

The April CAS 360 Singapore release will also see some fantastic features, more on that next month.

For CAS 360 New Zealand, we have released a series of new features and improvements. We have continued to build our AML / CDD functionality with the introduction of a new AML / CDD compliance report, and a new AML / CDD compliance listing report.

CAS 360 New Zealand March 2021 update also sees improvements to company imports, improved shareholder imports, improved share transactions being filed to Companies Office, and a few more.

While this release focuses more on CAS 360 Singapore and CAS 360 New Zealand, the CAS 360 Australia team has been hard at work with improvements to adding emails in document production, improved information hovers for trustee companies, enhancements to trust information in Address Usage report and Trust vesting date being added to the Trust Listing Report.

We have a huge new feature for Australia & New Zealand set to drop in early April, this one has taken a few months to develop, and when you see it, you will know why. Oh, and you will be able to complete Annual Reviews/Returns faster than ever before…

See you in April 🙂

Digital Signing with BGL’s COO Daniel Tramontana

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Browsing through various platforms, it has been great to see the discussions around digital signing.

Digital signing in my view, is a must for any organisation where client signatures are required and where the law permits.

As a software provider, it is important to build into the software design and experience a quality engagement piece that brings to surface the true value of Digital Signing.

At BGL Corporate Solutions, we currently integrate CAS 360 (Australia), CAS 360 (New Zealand), Simple Fund 360 and Simple Invest 360 with DocuSign and Adobe Sign and soon to be released, FuseSign by FuseWorks and PleaseSign.

What differentiates these integrations is that they are built directly into the software.

Well, what does this mean? Simple.

We deeply embed the digital signing solution into the software. We mark up the documents and forms, so that when you deliver a set of documents to your clients, they are ready for digital signing. We allow for easy selection of signing and tracking so users can monitor the status

When complete, we notify you and then store the document as required by the governing bodies and make it easy for you to retrieve.

When it comes to Digital Signing solutions, the end-to-end experience is so important and that is what we make great!