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October 2019

Molly Banister, Suite Files

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In this episode of the BGL Podcast, I was joined by Molly Banister (Twitter: ‪@MollyKBanister)

Molly is the marketing manager at SuiteFiles

Molly talks about her journey from wanting to be a lawyer, to working out that she loves helping people and finding a job she loved in marketing.

Molly also talks about

  • Her love of RipCurl long socks
  • Changing how she looked at her professional life
  • That ‘Kindness costs nothing’
  • Investing in human psychology
  • Competing in cheerleading championships
  • Believing in who you are, and believing that you are worthwhile
  • How marketing should never stop

Guy Pearson, Practice Ignition

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Guy Pearson, Practice Ignition

On day 2 of Xerocon I was joined by Guy Pearson, Guy is the CEO of Practice Ignition

Guy talks about how 2019 has been a transformational year in his life and what has changed for him. Guy also talks about his history in business and a huge amount of other points such as.

  • What Practice Ignition is
  • A PI customer success story
  • Guy’s start in Accounting
  • Running his own Accounting team at 23
  • Starting an Accounting Firm at 25
  • The backstory of starting his accounting firm
  • Why he’s not allowed to sell PI
  • Improving energy levels
  • Being grateful and expressing it
  • His thoughts on value based pricing
  • His favourite quotes

After this ep was recorded Practice Ignition announced a $26m capital raise