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September 2019

Shelley Banton, ASF Audits

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Jeevan Tokhi is joined by Shelley Banton, Head of Technical at ASF Audits.

ASF Audits is a leading independent SMSF Auditor with a team of highly skilled and specialised SMSF auditors.

ASF Audits has over 20 years’ experience working with large administrators, mid-tier to small accounting firms, and financial advisers.

In recent weeks the ATO has sent a mail out to around 18,000 SMSFs and their auditors where the ATO believes the SMSF investment strategies may not meet the diversification requirements under the SIS Act.

Jeevan and Shelley sit down and discuss what this means for SMSF Trustees and Auditors.

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CAANZ and CPA Australia leave their members high and dry!

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You may have read the response from CAANZ and CPA Australia this morning to all the flack they have got this week from members and in the industry media.

If not, here is the link:


I agree 100% the whole financial services system is broken and needs to be fixed.

But you need to start somewhere and returning something similar to the Accountants’ Exemption as a start.

Ruling out support for this because you want more, when this is NOT even on the table at the moment, is pathetic, a cop out and a complete let down of the CAANZ / CPA members.

When will the advocacy activities of these organisations start to reflect the views of their members? When will they listen to them?

I would have thought with what has happened at the CPA’s over the past few years, they may have been more inclined to listen to their members – obviously not!

As I said earlier this week, it is really poor that these organisations are not supporting the return of the Accountants’ Exemption for their members – maybe their members will at some stage stop supporting them with membership fees?