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December 2023

BGL Masterclass returns March 2024

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BGL is proud to announce the return of its BGL Masterclass roadshow event in March 2024.

“We’re so excited to hit the road and connect with our incredible clients face-to-face,” said BGL’s Chief Executive Officer, Daniel Tramontana. “The BGL Masterclass is an absolute must-attend for BGL CAS 360, Simple Fund 360 and Simple Invest 360 clients seeking a deeper understanding of their software and how they can boost productivity.”

The BGL Masterclasses will be presented by an all-star lineup of BGL experts featuring Andrew Paszko, Simple Invest 360 Product Manager, Jeevan Tokhi, Head of Simple Fund 360 and Warren Renden, General Manager – CAS 360, Ecosystem and Brand. 

The event will cover new and key features and their benefits, best practices and processes, essential BGL Suite integrations and time-saving tips, tricks and shortcuts. Plus, attendees will get an exclusive sneak peek at BGL’s product roadmaps.

Warren Renden, General Manager – CAS 360, Ecosystem and Brand at BGL, said, “The BGL Masterclass is not just an event – it’s an interactive and immersive learning experience for our clients. We are beyond excited to showcase our latest features and their benefits, ensuring our clients have the skills and knowledge to unlock the full potential of their BGL software. The purpose of the Masterclasses is to help our clients improve their skills and knowledge. That’s why we offer many learning resources, including the BGL Masterclass and BGL REGTECH events, live and on-demand online product training, webinars, education weeks and more!”

The BGL Masterclass will take place in Adelaide (05/03), Perth (06/03), Sydney (19/03), Brisbane (20/03) and Melbourne (26/03).

For more information and to reserve your place, visit www.bglcorp.com/bglmasterclass