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Ron Lesh

ATO extends 2019 SMSF lodgement date to 30 Jun 2020

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I hope this was as a result of lobbying by the accounting bodies.

When I last spoke to the ATO, I was told the accounting bodies supported the ATO position of asking each tax agent to apply for extensions. What changed their minds ?

I called out the previous ATO position as stupid.

It is nice to see the ATO eventually agreed!

It is disappointing to see some software providers price gouging

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I was contacted today by a client who advised me one of their software providers saw the current crisis as an opportunity to price gouge. The firm had been using this other software for a while and was certainly not wrapped with the software or the service but had stuck it out for a while. We all know what that is like. The fear of changing is worse than the fear of staying!

But then this software provider decided to increase the price of their software right in the middle of these difficult times. What chutzpah!

I am appalled – and so was the client.

At BGL, we want to help clients (and potential clients) not to screw them over.

So, we are offering our desktop clients, cloud clients and new clients a buy now, don’t pay until 1 July 2020 investment opportunity.


If you are a current CAS 360 client, increase your number of companies today and you will not pay for the new companies until 1 July 2020.

If you are a current Simple Fund 360 client, increase your number of funds today and you will not pay for the new funds until 1 July 2020 (this included bank data and share data services).

If you are a CAS Desktop client, migrate your companies to CAS 360 today and you will not pay anything until 1 July 2020.

If you are a Simple Fund Desktop client, migrate your funds to Simple Fund 360 today and you will not pay anything until 1 July 2020.

If you are a not a BGL client, talk to us about moving to CAS 360 and / or Simple Fund 360. Sign up today and you will not pay anything until 1 July 2020.

And to all our clients

Thank you for your support over the past few weeks.

We have 150 team members working from home all doing their very best to service you through these difficult times.

Support your local businesses

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Those who know me know I am passionate about small business.

And this is the time we ALL need to be passionate about small businesses.

So I want each and every one of you to support your local businesses.

I have always supported my local coffee shops, restaurants, greengrocers, bakery, butcher, supermarkets, chemist, etc, etc. But now is the time these businesses REALLY need your help and support.

So please buy local whenever you can. Support your local businesses.

Order takeaway every day or so – and don’t use the delivery services – go and pick up the food so these businesses don’t need to pay 30-35% of your order to a delivery company.

Shop at your local supermarket.

Buy coffee.

Do everything you can to help your local community thrive.

We will come out of this. It will not be too long (I hope).

Don’t listen to the CNNs – the Crisis News Networks (like 2, 7, 9 and 10) and all those clowns from the overseas media. They are in the spin business – not the news business. They forgot what sensible reporting was a long time.

Don’t read all the crap on social media (you can read mine –  I hope you do not think it is  crap).

I know BGL clients are hurting. And I know my client’s clients’ are hurting. Let’s do all we can to support them.

And if you are working from home, check in with your team and your extended family. And be safe.

But most of all BE POSITIVE. BE UPBEAT. Positivity is infectious! Be positively infectious on the people in your lives.


Great ASIC corporate compliance software reduces your risk…

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I have written 3 blog posts in recent times about buying the right ASIC corporate compliance software.  As a reminder:

Don’t buy ASIC corporate compliance software without asking these questions

Beware of  software companies that dont tell truth

Don’t be conned by cheap prices and fantasy spreadsheets

Because when you get it right, you provide your clients with remarkable experiences.

For those of you who have read my recent blog posts, but not taken my advice, the events of recent days simple prove what I have said was 100% correct.

Eventually the world catches up…

In my opinion, it’s all about trust. You need to trust your ASIC corporate compliance software will be there to support you and your clients. You need to trust they will do what they say they will do.

Similarly, you need to trust your document provider will be there to support you and your clients. You need to trust they will do what they say they will do.

BGL has been in business over 30 years. And our document provider business partners have a pedigree of excellence.

So if you are disappointed by your ASIC corporate compliance software provider, sick of the bullsh*t, sick of being lied to, please do chat to us. You have nothing to lose and heaps to gain.

BGL has built its business and reputation on honesty and integrity (we also make great software). That’s why we have been in business for over 30 years – and why others have not.

CAANZ and CPA Australia leave their members high and dry!

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You may have read the response from CAANZ and CPA Australia this morning to all the flack they have got this week from members and in the industry media.

If not, here is the link:

I agree 100% the whole financial services system is broken and needs to be fixed.

But you need to start somewhere and returning something similar to the Accountants’ Exemption as a start.

Ruling out support for this because you want more, when this is NOT even on the table at the moment, is pathetic, a cop out and a complete let down of the CAANZ / CPA members.

When will the advocacy activities of these organisations start to reflect the views of their members? When will they listen to them?

I would have thought with what has happened at the CPA’s over the past few years, they may have been more inclined to listen to their members – obviously not!

As I said earlier this week, it is really poor that these organisations are not supporting the return of the Accountants’ Exemption for their members – maybe their members will at some stage stop supporting them with membership fees?